Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Square One

I have been so blessed over the last six weeks to get to be a part of a really special mom's group at Grace Covenant (not even our church!) called Square One. We've met every Tuesday morning and shared tips and tricks about being a new mom. It's been a great opportunity to hear from experienced moms about everything from sleep training (whatever that is!) to holiday traditions with a little one now in the mix.
Last night the Henegars (the parents of a really good friend of mine) hosted a dinner party for us at their home and had a team of grandmothers from the church watch all of the babies upstairs. They even had our husbands one-by-one go around the table to tell us how much they appreciated us. It was really neat.
I'm so happy that this group is going to go from a semi-formal discussion group to a play group!
Here we are at the party last night. I wish I'd taken a shot of all of with the babies. There are some Baby Gap models in this group!


Tiffany said...

It's really awesome that y'all have had such an amazing group and a wonderful mentor. You girls are such great moms already!! (or at least you and Bradley...but I'm sure the other moms are fabulous too! ;)

annalee said...

i absolutely love this! soo glad you got to be a part of such a neat mom group.