Thursday, December 9, 2010

3 Months (a little late!)

words/ thoughts that come to mind...
getting to be good buds with bella
bubble machine
rolling from back to tummy
smiling a lot
getting to be a great napper
very chatty
loving her playmat
hating the church nursery (boo for us!)
thanksgiving with all 4 grandparents
easy to take places... wonder how long this will last
new friends this month... charlie and knox
loves to stare at her hands
holding up her head


kristin fulghum said...

stop it. she cannot be 3 months old!!

ang said...

why do kids' cloths have to be so cute? a better question...why can't they come in adult sizes? :) I miss her already!!!

Liz said...

Good GRIEF she is cute!! Love her.