Sunday, April 5, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

In the mornings I am never ever hungry when I wake up, or really even for the first few hours I'm up, but I know it's good for my metabolism to eat, so I do. The problem is, that after I eat, I'm always staaaaarving like an hour later. So, I've discovered a few breakfast meals that keep me full and are healthy.

#1 The Smoothie

Ingredients: bananas, oj, yogurt, frozen berries, whey protein

We buy the berries at Costco, they're cheap and have lots of antioxidents.

Mix in a blender in whatever proportions you like.

You can always freeze for later if you make too much.

#2 The Healthy Oatmeal

Just add water and heat

If we run out of smoothie ingredients, this is my go-to.

#3 The Healthy Waffles

Ingredients: whole wheat waffle mix, frozen berries (same from smoothie) If we're home for a Saturday morning, we make these with some eggs. Yum!

Props to my awesome husband who makes me a smoothie EVERY SINGLE MORNING before I go to work. I have a long, traffic-filled drive so it's perfect for the road.