Monday, June 28, 2010

Dorothy, we're not in college anymore...

These are my besties. We were roommates in the Pi Phi house for 2 years and have a LOT of fun memories from college together. One year ago this week we were on a girls trip to Mexico together.

This year, four of the six of us are preggo, and we're in the middle of the baby showers. This weekend the girls had a shower for me and baby in Austin. They are the absolute master party planners and thought of so many little touches to make the day special.

My friend, Bradley is so pregnant that, a. she couldn't open this box and b. I literally check my phone every 5 minutes to see if she's on the way to the hospital.

Several of my other preggo friends were at the shower. I had about 20 pregnant friends, but I think 4 have had their kiddos... down to around 16! Don't drink the water in Austin!

The Lynches and Assuntos came in for the festivities. The guys played golf while the girls went to the shower. Good times were had by all.
Now I have to turn the rest of the post over by referring you all to TRog's blog

She took some precious pictures of the shower, which she very graciously hosted in her gorgeous home!

Ryan and I saw our parents off on Sunday morning and then worked on the nursery for a lot of the day. (and by that I mean, my wonderful husband worked in the nursery while I slept for almost 2 hours)

Hurry on over to TRog's blog for the full scoop!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Evolution of the Snuggle

Let me preface this whole post by saying that I felt I owed it to our first child, Bella, to let her star on the blog before Baby Assunto gets here in August. It just seemed right. I am fully aware that what you are about to see is completely and totally ridiculous. I am not fooled. Our dog things that she is a human or that we are a part of her litter.

That being said, under certain circumstances even my closest friends will not want to read this post. (and you know who you are)

Because ...

1. You only kiiind of like dogs.

2. You are totally grossed out by dogs on furniture in homes (which I am too if things are not kept clean)

3. You can't appreciate snugly animals.

4. You don't like animals who think they're humans.

5. You despise humans who would encourage this behavior.

If you are very much okay with all five of those things, let me introduce you to my best best best buddy, Bella. We found her litter when she was 2 weeks old and got to take her home at 7 weeks. The lady we purchased her from let us come over as often as we wanted to play with the puppies in the litter, and we took full advantage.

One of my main goals is raising B was for her to be veeery cuddly. I even gave her treats when she was little so that she would snuggle. (sad? yes.) She took to the whole concept quite nicely, as you can see...

A good snuggler before she even has her eyes open

Snuggling with Ryan for the first time

We sure did eat the words, "She will neeeeever be on the sofa." She was just too cute.

Snuggling with her tongue out

I thought she'd grow out of it as she got bigger, but I was way wrong. In fact, her desire to snuggle might have gotten worse. Scary.

Not sure what brought this on

She can even snuggle alone

After a day at the lake

One of my all time favorites

And her new snuggle buddy, Baby Assunto

I think it would be safe to say that we love our dog... a lot. We're not nervous that she'll get put on the back burner with a new baby in the house because we know that will be the case. But, we look forward to lots of photo opps of the two babies together.

Friday, June 18, 2010

"Let there be walls!"

We've got lots of changes going on in the Assunto household with Baby A on the way!

Ryan's office happens to be our formal dining room, and it is a pretty open space. And, as much as I thought it would be super fun to have to take the baby and run into the nursery every time she cried while Ryan was on a work call, we thought putting walls up might be a helpful home improvement project. Walls were a builder option when our house was built back in the 90's anyway, so it wasn't anything too crazy.

Here is the "open office" before.

Ryan's uncle is an absolute expert in home improvement projects, and we are so, so, so thankful that he came to help us. He is excellent at double checking to make sure every detail is perfect and what we want. Thanks, Morris House!

Here's the start of the construction...

And, poof, after about a day and a half, we had walls!

And then doors and new crown molding!

I'll post some more pictures after we get it all repainted and finished. I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat waiting for those. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lost in the pines and other updates

Well, the last few weeks have been crazy in our world. Although, I feel like we've been consistently busy for the past several months. I don't know that we're slowin' down anytime soon.

A few weeks ago I got to go with Rubey and Linda to see our good friend Lev. She was in Abilene to visit her family, so we met at a DQ halfway in between Austin and Abilene. Love me a Blizzard! Her little girl, Leighton, is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. I'm so, so glad I finally got to meet her!!!! It was the highlight of my week!

The twins are still doing well. They've been out of town all week, and Ryan and I have missed their cute little giggles. They'll be moving out of Casa Assunto soon, as we get ready to put the nursery together. I'm so glad we got this time with them in the house, though!

Ryan and I decided a couple of months ago that we needed to go on a "Babymoon" since we probably wouldn't get to travel anywhere (other than to visit family) for quite a while. Neither of us wanted to go somewhere too far because we've been on the road so much for weddings and other family functions. So, we went to the Hyatt Lost Pines in Bastrop- about 40 minutes from our house in Austin. Just far enough away to feel gone and just close enough that I didn't have to stop to go to the bathroom. (Pregnant ladies, can I hear an amen?!)
We had suuuuch a great weekend! The grounds were beeeeeautiful and our room was super nice. It was the absolute perfect getaway!

We laid by the pool almost all day Saturday and read parenting/ baby books (yes, we're losers). And, yes, my husband is such a trooper!

Ryan did, however, get to cut loose a little bit, so don't feel too bad for him. Was there a line of children also waiting to get on this bull? Yes. Neato.

How can you not enjoy someplace that has nightly smores?

On Sunday afternoon, Ryan's cousin Chad came to meet us at the resort for some golf. At this point I put down the parenting books and busted out "The Help" (really good book if you haven't read it) and rode along in the cart, praying for a cool breeze every couple minutes.

We can't wait to get back to Lost Pines again one day with the kiddo. They have so many fun activities for kids. We toootally enjoyed the resort as a couple, but will definitely be returning with the munchkin.

Alright, the next couple of pics were taken with our new and improved digital SLR camera, and it's somewhat amazing how much better the quality is.
For my friends who have been begging for a belly pic, here you go. Again, I'm sorry, I'm not good with the belly pics. Everyone tells me I will be sad if I don't start taking more, so I'll try. I will.

And, the next is the first peek of the nursery! We can't wait to get started!

Right now our house is under construction as we prepare for baby... pics of that coming soon for both of y'all still reading this!