Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bye Bye Beach House

Back in the 60's my grandparents built a family beach house in Galveston- 4th house from the water. We spent lots of really fun weekends around here as a kid and, in the recent past we've celebrated bachelorette weekends for Bradley and Lev. I wish I had some pictures of our childhood to post, but they're at my parents house in Houston, and I'd have to warm up the know how that goes.

Bradley's Bachelorette weekend in '06

Lev's bachelorette weekend in '08

All was well at the beach house until Hurricane Ike came through.
Here are some pictures my parents took of the bottom floor when they went to meet with the insurance adjuster last weekend.

This was a room, which you can't even tell because three of the four walls are gone.

Part of the wall

from the other side

That's the toilet... the water heater, washer and dryer are no where to be found.

The shower is basically the only thing left in this room.

We'll be having a Lynch family meeting pretty soon to decide how to rebuild and whether or not we'll keep it or sell it after that. Mother nature is pretty darn powerful!!!

Goodbye to the Dog Days of Summer

Just a few of the things I love about the fall...

Decorating the house

letting Bella play outside for long periods of time now that it has cooled off

Scarves! (thanks, Lev!)

Austin High Football

Aggie Football (usually painful to watch)


getting to wear my favorite fleece

transitioning from cold to warm drinks at Starbucks

celebrating my wonderful husband's birthday. happy birthday, babe!!!