Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Spring!

Ryan and I had a fun weekend working in the yard and hanging out with friends. It was so nice just to be in town! I took a quick pic of some of the new things we planted...

The pregnancy is going well. This is week 20, which I can't believe is already here. I'm not very good with the belly pics (or blogging, for that matter) but here's the one I have. I don't just randomly hold avocados in every picture I take, but this was the week the baby was around the size of an avocado...maybe two weeks ago. Again, I'm terrible at the belly pic part of being pregnant.

And, the most exciting part of this week was getting to find out whether Baby A was a boy or a girl. We wanted to tell our parents in a fun way because we wouldn't get to see them in person, so we decorated two boxes- one with boy stuff and one with girl stuff.

We wrapped them up and sent them off. After our doctor's appointment we called and told them that they could open the striped box.... Which is when they found out that... IT'S A GIRL!!!!
Ryan and I went to Baby GAP as soon as I got home from work to mark the occasion. I'm sure it will be the first of many trips. Are baby girl swimsuits and dresses not the cutest things in the world?!
I feel so blessed to be having such a smooth and easy pregnancy with a healthy baby and now, getting to know we'll have a little girl this summer, is just about the most amazing thing ever. We can't wait. Ryan is super excited to teach his little girl his most favorite game of golf, and I'm busy looking on Etsy for cute bows and dresses.

The Lord has richly blessed our lives through this whole experience, and we are so excited about lots of fun times to come.

Happy spring, everyone! Enjoy the gorgeous days before it gets to be 104 and pregnant women everywhere are living in the local swimming pools.