Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm freezin' and I'm not teasin'

We were very lucky when we moved into our house a few years ago that someone had remodeled the heck out of our master bathroom. It feels like walking into a palace. And, it's space that we use everyday so it's double the fun.
Here's what we saw when we went to look at the house for the first time.

And, then, after we (all) moved in.

As much as we have LOVED the look of our shower, it is FREEZING in the winter, as I'm sure you can imagine. We gotten a couple of bids and are considering adding a door but hate to ruin the look of the whole thing.

So this weekend, in an attempt to remedy the situation, we got rid of this...

and bought one of these...

This guy sprays water out over a foot wide. It's literally the size of a dinner plate. Sorry to revert back to the 90's, but it is the BOMB.

I highly recommend it. I mean, who uses the massage options on those other shower heads anyway?!