Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cutest Roommates on the Block

I'm not even really sure where to begin this story. Once upon a time in the land of the Dominican Republic (where Ryan and I have been on several mission trips) two very, very cute Haitian boys were given up by their mother. Our friend, Sharla, and her organization, Makarios, came to the rescue and took these boys in and, after a few months, Sharla decided to adopt them. Fast forward 4 years, through a lot of paperwork mess, and a hurricane, the boys were granted humanitarian parole and got to come to the States. Sharla had moved to the D.R. full time with them but had to quickly pack up their lives and come back to the States.

Part of the move back to the States involved Sharla needing to buy a house for their happy family and, while they search, guess where they live? In Casa Assunto!

The boys have been lots of fun to have around. They have become good buddies with Bella and their cute little voices have been a delight.

So, meet the "Tweems"- Isaak and Jakob with their mom, Sharla....