Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buena Gente

Many of you know that my last 5 years of teaching at Austin High have been wonderful in many ways and also very, very tough on me. It's a high-energy, high-emotion job, and the Lord has given me strength year after year to go back and keep doing it. Lots of y'all also know that I aaaadore the people that I work with at AHS. They are smart, funny, unbelievably supportive and we are all as different as you can possibly imagine.

We range in age from 27 to around 57.

We are from the US, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Belize.

We've spent time living on almost every continent in the world.

We know English, Spanish, American Sign Language, French, Italian, Japanese and Latin.

We tap dance, make jewelry, raise kids, do triathlons, travel all over the place, rock climb, cycle, cook, do yoga, walk our dogs, golf, remodel houses and read, among other things.

I cannot put into words how wonderful these friends have been to me over the years. They are truly mi familia, and I am so thankful that the Lord put them in my life. I miiiight not still be teaching if it wasn't for them!

Me, Adriana and Natalie at Z Tejas

Lonnie and Robin (known as jefa or boss)
Hangin' out and catchin' up during the summer

Dedication Day at Austin High

And the hallways... we'll miss them now that we're in the portables!

We're Loyal Forever!

Other familia members not pictured: Manuel, Yokko, Mary, Kevin and Conna. We need to take more pictures!

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