Monday, July 27, 2009

After some blood, sweat and tears

By the time each summer rolls around I have always compiled a lengthy "to-do" list of different projects I have put off until I have the time to complete them from start to finish. This summer all of my projects happen to have been home improvement related, so I just wanted to share with the 4 people who read my blog what we've been up to.

I'd like to dedicate this whole write up to my wonderful, wonderful husband who put together everything that needed to be put together, gave advice when I wanted it and went along with my madness in wanting to get all of this done in a matter of about 4 weeks. I love you!

Our first few projects were simple. I just wanted to find a few things to add a little color.

So, I bought these cute pillows for our chairs on the back patio,

got these fun shams to brighten up the bed in one of our guest rooms,

found these plates to spice up our kitchen table,

got these rockers to go outside,

Ryan loooooved putting them together! (please note the sarcasm. It's a good thing I got them on sale or they would have gone straight back to the store!)

and scored this mother of pearl-ish lamp to go on the turquoise bed side table I painted last summer.

Yay for the little things that add a little something but don't require any putting together!

Our next few projects were a little larger, so I took some before, during and after shots.

The Formal Dining Room (aka Ryan's office) without the furniture

Just checking to make sure we like the color

....aaaand we're done!
The last time we wanted to paint in our house, we paid some people to do it. Although it was some work, I am much prouder of it having done it myself. Thank the Lord for summer break!


Our super small and super bland laundry room with linoleum flooring

Thank you Martha Stewart for your wonderful paint colors!

...and to the Sanlyn Company for your vinyl planking.
This looks much better. I know that it won't really be seen by anyone but Ryan and me, but it just feels better for it to be fresh and clean looking.

Aaaand the biggie. This is our living room before we moved anything in. I have always wanted to do something fun with the windows but could never think of anything even semi-original. A big thanks to Pearls who directed me to a picture on on of our favorite blogs.

Ryan, again, making all my dreams come true.

His level was in constant use for the 24 hours it took to get these puppies up.

Drum roll please.....

The after....

Woooo Hoooooo!!!
They let a ton of light in and give a great view of the yard, plus we can pull the shades down when it's super hot outside or we're out of town.

After weeks of work, it's time to REST!
I think Bella agrees!


annalee said...

WOW! y'all have been busy doing some fabulous work. i especially love the laundry room paint color. and your shades!

Tiffany said...

Everything looks awesome!! I'll make Ryan a little list and you just send him on over. :) Happy resting!!

kristin fulghum said...

oh my all looks absolutely fabulous! i love love love it all. seriously...since we have the same taste and all!

Liz said...

WOW. I am MUCHO impressed, mamasita!!!! I love ALL of it. Where did you get your blinds/curtains? Email me. xoxo

Katrina said...

Aww I love it guys! Great job on all the work. Everything looks so fun and bright!

Chanes said...

i love the living room!!

Jessica said...

There are so many things I love about this post!

One - you're humility...there are actually 36 feels like home subscribers.

Two - guest room shams = familiar . . . i got those on my bed.

Three - THE WINDOWS! I think they look awesome. oh and you know i LOVE the bright paint color in the laundry room. thanks for the inspiration!

Well, I would love to come see it all in person soon. Miss ya'll!


Martha said...

You did a fabulous job! You and Kristin really have a talent for interior design. Maybe you should go into business someday? :)