Friday, December 31, 2010

A very special Christmas

Ryan and I had so been looking forward to this Christmas... Blythe's first! We both had some traditions that we were excited about starting with our new little family that we hope will bless Blythe and help her to understand what Christmas is all about.

We travel all over the place to see family around Christmas time, so we did our celebration in Austin before we hit the road.

The night before we left we had a little birthday party for Jesus, which was double awesome because we got to eat Blythe's portion of the dessert.

On our Christmas morning we went in to get her up... (Bella doesn't like to be left out)

Polka dots... it's what we do...

We got her suited up in her Christmas pj's... You know if you have a child this age that if you want them to wear something cute for a picture, you better put them in it 20 seconds before you're planning to snap the shot.

Our present to Blythe each Christmas is going to be a verse that Ryan and I will pray over her for the year. This year, we gave her the verse that was on her birth announcement. Our prayer for her this year is that as she grows up she will always go to Jesus. Ryan and I also exchanged verses for each other, and we're both really excited about having a focused scripture to pray for Blythe and for each other every year.
Bella got presents too...

And then the travels began... my pictures are in reverse order, but this is the Christmas card picture that we took with Ryan's family. Blythe's cousin, Levi, is just a couple weeks younger than she is. We can't wait to watch them grow up together!

Ryan and Trey with a couple of their stocking presents

Christmas morning in Houston with my parents and brother (Ryan was very kind to go along with my insisting that we have matching pj pants each year)

Blythe got some time with Uncle Greg

And, I meant to post these pictures when I put her tree up, but this is the tree in Blythe's room that has all of the ornaments that people decorated for her at my baby shower back in June. It was so fun to get it out!

We can't even begin to imagine how fun next Christmas will be when BEA is mobile! Fun times ahead!


Liz said...

Love this! And your verse idea is a great one! I may share that with Daniel. What were your verses for each other... email me.

ang said... the matching pjs :). Trey & I did framed verses for my niece and nephews this yr too...very special!

Ashley said...

Such a precious family, Blythe is adorable! Glad you all had a wonderful Christmas and I love the Christmas traditions you are already beginning! Blessings!