Monday, June 28, 2010

Dorothy, we're not in college anymore...

These are my besties. We were roommates in the Pi Phi house for 2 years and have a LOT of fun memories from college together. One year ago this week we were on a girls trip to Mexico together.

This year, four of the six of us are preggo, and we're in the middle of the baby showers. This weekend the girls had a shower for me and baby in Austin. They are the absolute master party planners and thought of so many little touches to make the day special.

My friend, Bradley is so pregnant that, a. she couldn't open this box and b. I literally check my phone every 5 minutes to see if she's on the way to the hospital.

Several of my other preggo friends were at the shower. I had about 20 pregnant friends, but I think 4 have had their kiddos... down to around 16! Don't drink the water in Austin!

The Lynches and Assuntos came in for the festivities. The guys played golf while the girls went to the shower. Good times were had by all.
Now I have to turn the rest of the post over by referring you all to TRog's blog

She took some precious pictures of the shower, which she very graciously hosted in her gorgeous home!

Ryan and I saw our parents off on Sunday morning and then worked on the nursery for a lot of the day. (and by that I mean, my wonderful husband worked in the nursery while I slept for almost 2 hours)

Hurry on over to TRog's blog for the full scoop!


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kristin fulghum said... time i'm pregnant, you're sending me that dress. so cute!