Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Evolution of the Snuggle

Let me preface this whole post by saying that I felt I owed it to our first child, Bella, to let her star on the blog before Baby Assunto gets here in August. It just seemed right. I am fully aware that what you are about to see is completely and totally ridiculous. I am not fooled. Our dog things that she is a human or that we are a part of her litter.

That being said, under certain circumstances even my closest friends will not want to read this post. (and you know who you are)

Because ...

1. You only kiiind of like dogs.

2. You are totally grossed out by dogs on furniture in homes (which I am too if things are not kept clean)

3. You can't appreciate snugly animals.

4. You don't like animals who think they're humans.

5. You despise humans who would encourage this behavior.

If you are very much okay with all five of those things, let me introduce you to my best best best buddy, Bella. We found her litter when she was 2 weeks old and got to take her home at 7 weeks. The lady we purchased her from let us come over as often as we wanted to play with the puppies in the litter, and we took full advantage.

One of my main goals is raising B was for her to be veeery cuddly. I even gave her treats when she was little so that she would snuggle. (sad? yes.) She took to the whole concept quite nicely, as you can see...

A good snuggler before she even has her eyes open

Snuggling with Ryan for the first time

We sure did eat the words, "She will neeeeever be on the sofa." She was just too cute.

Snuggling with her tongue out

I thought she'd grow out of it as she got bigger, but I was way wrong. In fact, her desire to snuggle might have gotten worse. Scary.

Not sure what brought this on

She can even snuggle alone

After a day at the lake

One of my all time favorites

And her new snuggle buddy, Baby Assunto

I think it would be safe to say that we love our dog... a lot. We're not nervous that she'll get put on the back burner with a new baby in the house because we know that will be the case. But, we look forward to lots of photo opps of the two babies together.


Tiffany said...

I LOVE this post! Blythe is gonna rock Bella's world...

Everyone needs a dog!

Jamie Lapeyrolerie said...

I heart that puppy!

kristin fulghum said...

don't you love big dogs that think they are lap dogs? lucy loves to snuggle until she wants to fall asleep and then she goes and lays on the floor by herself and gets mad at you if you get too close. apparently we should have given her treats for snuggling...never knew that trick.

keely said...

Hey, the back burner still cooks! =) Adorable pictures of the puppy child! They will be best friends! Big dogs are so good with babies!

Stacie & Kyle said...

I love it! Bella is such a sweety and what fun would it be if our dogs didn't think they were humans!! I think Bella will love her new role as big sister and she can snuggle with Blythe in the future :)

The Prossers said...

Umm...this post makes me feel so much better about our reeediculous obsession with Reggie (who was never going to be allowed on furniture, and now snuggles with us every night on our bed). Loved the pictures -- miss you!

ang said...

She's so big!! Guess I haven't seen her in a while. Did love her puppy phase though...what a great dog! Every time I see the commercial about "their ain't no bugs on me" I think of Bella!

amanda k. brown said...

haha. im a dog lover to the bone, but i still think you're crazy. :)

Kelly said...

We have three dogs that are just like this. They are our babies!

Kristen said...

This is maybe my all-time favorite blog post...ever.

little muffin, bella