Friday, July 2, 2010

Daigle Fun!!!

Allow me to introduce you to some of my favorite people in the world...

These are a handful of the Daigle Cousins. The Daigles are Ryan's mom's side of the family, whom we don't get to see but a few times a year. Ryan's mom is one of nine siblings, so it makes for a pretty big bunch.

Every Memorial Day weekend we all get together at someone's home to eat ridiculous amounts of food, stay up waaaay too late, play lots of games, and have a formal catch up time where we all catch one another up on the events of the last year. We laugh, we cry, and we gain weight. It's truly a beautiful weekend.

I hope this was posed, but I'm not sure...
There's nothing like a late night game of Loaded Questions to burn some calories laughing

Some of the Daigle girls with the littlest Daigles
Ryan and I look forward to this weekend every May!

We were incredibly blessed this year to get to see the whole Daigle group- aunts and uncles included, at a "double baby shower" that was given to us by the family. Ryan's cousin, Glenn's wife Kim, is due two days before I am, and we were thrilled to get to share the party.

Ryan's parents bought baby Assunto her very own pink, MONOGRAMMED putter. I just about lost it!

Glenn is going to be such a fun dad. That little boy is going to laugh and laugh and laugh.

Our parents made the trip to Beaumont for the event... such troopers!

Trey and Joy, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law with Kaycie's precious boy, Jake

Lots of pool time
We always love our time with the Daigles!!! We just wish it happened more often!!!


kristin fulghum said...

so fun! a monogrammed putter? that's hilarious.

Megan said...

I love Loaded Questions! And those cakes are too cute!