Monday, March 2, 2009

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Ryan and I had a great Sunday afternoon outside yesterday at the Kite Festival at Zilker Park. The weather was GORGEOUS!

Bella had lots of fun too but did decide at one point that she needed a little break from playing with all of the kids that were petting her.

Yay for all of the free Austin outdoor events that happen year round. We love it here!

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Jennifer said...

Hey Allison! This is Jennifer Maynard (Griffin). I just saw that you had a blog. I saw your link on Annalee's blog a few months ago and thought it might be you, but wasn't positive because I just thought it would be too weird for me to find an old school friend on some random person's blog. I don't even know how I found Annalee's blog now, but she is too cute, so I keep reading! Talk to you later!