Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun with the Fughums

This weekend Ryan and I went to Kansas City to visit our good friends, Kristin and Clay Fulghum. We'd been wanting to visit for quite and while and were glad that a weekend finally opened up! Most of y'all reading this probably know them, but Lev and I were friends at A&M and then roommates when we moved to Austin. She and Clay got married last Memorial Day and then moved to KC two weeks later so that Clay could get ready for the Bar exam. We miss them TONS in Texas and had so much fun getting to see their new lives.

On the way, we had a layover in Houston where we met up with our good friend Charles for a quick visit. Here we are in the airport...

When we got to Kansas City there was no messin' around. We played some hard core Guitar Hero. I'm terrible at a lot of things that I have attempted in my life, but I don't think I stink as bad at as many things as I do at Guitar Hero. I guess I'm not a "gamer".

Here we are on a break from stinking at Guitar Hero. I'm much more talented at consuming large quantities of popcorn.

We spent part of Saturday afternoon at the Plaza in Kansas City, a great outdoor shopping area. It was super cold for the Texans, but we toughed it out, and it was totally worth it for all of the fun stores!

And, finally, one of the most important parts of this trip for Ryan- eating lots of good Kansas City barbeque. This is another area where I would consider myself above average. It was a great meal! If you ever find yourself in Kansas City, Jack Stack is the place to be!

We had such a fun weekend getting to catch up with good friends. Kristin and Clay, thanks so much for hosting us and showing us the town. We had so much fun and love you guys a ton. We can't wait for the next time!


kristin fulghum said...

oh, you can come to kc anytime. we loved having you guys!

annalee said...

i'm so glad y'all got to be there this weekend!
and those pictures of jack stack are making me think we should visit soon too, mmm.

Jamie said...

How fun!

You guys and Charles are bff now -that's rad :)