Sunday, February 15, 2009

26.2 miles is a loooong way

Sunday was an exciting and much anticipated day for us. Ryan ran his second Austin Marathon and finished very strong, right at 4 hours. He's been training for this since September, so it was fun to see him finally get to run on the big day.

We had a great support team- our good friends Bart and Jessica from Austin, my old college rommate Katrina as well as her new bf and Ryan's friend Thomas from Beaumont and his gf Shelley. Big props to Thomas for running the last 8 miles with Ryan to keep his spirits high.

mile one: congress avenue

mile six: south first street

mile eleven: tarrytown

mile twenty: north loop and lamar
(that's me providing some moral support)

mile twenty three: hyde park

mile twenty six point two: congress avenue

members of the support team: katrina and jessica

Congratulations, babe! Your hard work paid off!


annalee said...

WAY TO GO RYAN! and i know he was super glad to have you cheering him along the way, that's a VERY important job too:)

Jamie said...

That's so awesome! Glad to see some pics!!

kristin fulghum said...

woo hoo! way to go mr. assunto. so proud of you. way to go lynch for cheering him on all day. that's hard work too.

Martha said...

I missed Ryan's second marathon??? I'm so proud of him! I guess the, "I'm never doing this again" wore off over time. Now I feel like I'm the slacker! :) Miss you guys.