Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool." Adam Sandler, Billy Madison

I could swear to you right now that time actually goes by faster during June and July. I just don't know where the summer has gone. But, alas, the time has come for another school year to start. I can't believe that this senior class is the class of 2009! And, what's even weirder, the freshmen are the class of 2012. I'm getting old.

I love the school where I work. It's full of lots of history and tradition- It's actually the oldest high school west of the Mississippi River (don't worry, we're not in the original building). It's also the high school where the Bush girls went and, a few years ago, Rick Perry's daughter was on my cheerleading squad. I love, love, love the teachers that I work with, and the kids are extremely diverse, which is ideal for me. As long as I continue teaching, I want to be at Austin High.

My classroom is just about ready to go, my lesson plans are made (for the most part) and my student teacher is fabulous. So here's to a great year of teaching and learning, and to keeping up my summer workout routine even after an exhausting day on my feet.


keely and andrew said...

I agree. Time flies during June and July.

kristin fulghum said...

oh girl, do i know what you mean. so glad you are all ready to go. remember that first year when we stayed at school until like 7:00 everyday. i feel like i'm there again...don't change states, districts, schools, and grades all in one year.

Katie Norwood said...

Hope you had an awesome first day! My feet always hurt the worst on day 1. We've gotta build up stamina. Hope your workout routiene has more staying power than mine. As TheLoj would say, I'm exhaustaleeza rice.