Monday, August 11, 2008

Money Matters

Over the last three weeks, our church has been doing a series called "Money Matters." Matt, our pastor, has been talking about finances on Sundays, and we've been discussing it in our community group. It has been powerful and life-changing, without a doubt.

Here are the top 5 main points that I've gotten out of the last few weeks. Some I had known and understood, some things I thought I knew, but now they really make sense, and some were totally new. It's easy to know and understand this stuff on a head-level, but my prayer is that I can really take these truths and live them out. It's easy to sit around and talk about stuff. It's a lot harder to put it into action.

1. Everything I have belongs to the Lord.

2. I couldn't do anything and wouldn't have anything without him giving it to me- intelligence to work, sight, hearing, gifts, talents, ... I couldn't earn money if I didn't have what he gave me.

3. My finances are a heart-issue, not a formula. Giving my tithe at the beginning of each month and then not praying or being active in stewarding my money in other ways is not what the Lord desires from me.

4. I don't need to feel guilt when God blesses me with material things and money. My response should be to give him the praise and the glory for it and steward it well.

5. Where my treasure is, my heart will also be. If my treasure is my things, my heart is in the wrong place.

For some good listenin', check out the Austin Stone Podcasts.


skd said...

I totally agree with all of your 5 points! This series has been incredible... I'm so glad that the Stone addressed money in this way. Totally helped me confirm in my heart that there is no point to store up treasures on earth... because, like you said, that shows where my heart is!

Laura said...

I'm loving looking in on y'all! I'm so thankful God made you for Ryan! He IS a 'mighty good man'.... and YOU are a 'mighty good woman'! WE are the ones who are most blessed.

I look forward to seeing the 'new' furniture. The Hobby Lobby vs. Anthopologie story sounds like a made-for-Sandy Lynch and/or Frank Assunto movie! :-D

The 'Money Matters' study sounds like one I should take! Your church does a superb job of making daily application of Scripture a goal!

I love you,