Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anthro, you're breakin' my heart

If you know me well... or at all, you probably know that my favorite store on earth (besides, of course, Costco) is Anthropologie. I love the smell of the store, the colors, the patterns, the style... pretty much everything BUT the price tag. I've always thought that the stuff at Anthro was insanely expensive, but it's fun for a cute gift or a splurge item every now and then, although I certainly can't justify buying anything there on a normal basis.

So, when Ryan agreed to let me paint some of his old furniture- a chest and a nightstand, I thought hard about what I could do to make it bright and fun. I decided on painting in turquoise and getting some fun knobs from, where else? Anthropologie. So, in a weekend, the furniture was transformed from wood stain to "Fishing Hole" from the Martha Stewart paint collection at Lowes. (If I had known I was going to have a blog when we did it, I would have taken a "before" picture.)

The next weekend, Ryan went with me to Anthropologie for moral support (and because there's an REI next door). We picked out 4 different knobs to try. My wonderful husband was even nice enough to drill holes and install all of them on different drawers so that I could pick. What a man!

The top 4 choices were...

After a tough decision beween #2 and #3, we decided on #3, and resigned ourselves to the fact that this was gonna be a little pricey because we needed 14 of them. I still didn't feel right about droppin' all that cash on knobs, but I decided it could be part of my birthday present, which Ryan reluctantly agreed to.

But, my friends, if that was the end of the story, I wouldn't have written a whole blog about it. This story has a magical ending. (ok, magical is a stretch, but it will save you a couple bucks)

While dining one night with my friends, Rubey and Fulton, I was given the tip that Hobby Lobby sells some of the exact same knobs as Anthro. Wha?! How had I never heard that before? So I went and, not only were they right, that tons of the knobs were EXACTLY the same, but they were also on sale for 50% off. (Knob #3 was not sold at HobLob, but I found one very similar.)

In conclusion:

Anthro 14 knobs x $10 = $140

HobLob 14 knobs x $3 = $42
take off 50% = $21

total savings = $119


Tiffany said...

Wow! What a find! Thanks for sharing. You're right, that is funny how great minds though alike today :)

Heather said...

Hi! I found your blog through Annalee's! That is great about Hobby Lobby selling the same knobs! So cute too! Now if only target would starts selling anthropologies clothes... ;)

Thanks for letting me stop by!

James and Lindsay Cotter said...

happy birthday Allison!
Hope its a good one!

Kim said...

cute!! we'll have to talk paint colors... i have been looking for an "antique turquoise" to paint our kitchen cabinets but am having the most difficult time finding the right one! i'd love to see a picture of the dresser!!

Elicia said...

So good to know about the knobs! Your blog is cute. :)