Monday, July 28, 2008

Care Calendar

I'm in a stage of my life right now where I have about 1,000 pregnant friends. I can hardly keep up with due dates or doctor's visits and everything else that goes along with pregnancy...but I'm trying. I just feel really stupid when I ask someone if they are due in August and they say, "No, November." I just have no concept of the time frame. I'm much better at the baby-out-of-the-mom-phase, where I can see the baby and hold the baby.

So, with all of these new babies on the way, it's always fun to find a way to serve the families after they're home from the hospital. Thanks to my friend, Casey, who heard about this from another friend, there is a simple way to help organize any kind of care- meals, yard work, childcare, whatever for new moms.

If I'm REALLY behind with this "technology", I apologize, but I just thought it was really cool. You go to and set up a calendar (obviously) where people can sign up to help out. It's great for families home with a new baby, but also for people who are sick or homebound for some reason. It helps to not have to do the "reply all" with emails or a paper sign-up sheet getting passed around. We are doing it for three of the girls in our Bible study who are due over the next few months as a way to serve them.

Just thought I'd pass along my little discovery!


CASEY said...

I should have guessed by the title of the post what you were going to write about, but I have to admit that the picture threw me off. I think I skipped the title and went straight to the pregnant picture. Whew!

annalee said...

i too did a gasp!?!? when i saw the picture:)
as a recipient of care calendar i can attest to its greatness. it is such an awesome setup!