Friday, June 3, 2011

The order of events in the Assunto Home

Bought a house

Got a dog

Had a baby

Bought a Dyson

I couldn't believe that people spent this kind of money on vacuums. It's insane.

But, it's actually not... this thing is unreal.


ang said...

nice :) we have one at work - a vacuum...not a baby - and that thing is amazing!!!

Liz said...

hahaha. You're a nerd... I like it. :)

p.s. my word verification is "vaboom"... appropriate!!!

Kate said...

So it's truly everything people say it is? Kash sheds about a pound of fur a's everywhere. Jo thought I had about lost my mind when I put it on our registry. Not that I expect anyone to buy it but I figured I needed to ease Jo into the idea that we must have one...

Angie said...

haha! ours is got the dyson, got the dog, bought the house, had a baby, put the dyson to use daily now...livin' the american dream, right?? :) they're worth every penny!