Tuesday, May 31, 2011

9 Months

17 lbs. 1 oz (20%)

28.5 inches (80%)

rolling and inch-worming around

loves loves loves any kind of music

is super super chatty

loves to stand up

hates avocado and most other green things

has her dad's super olive skin tone. she is a tan baby.

loves to be in the pool

is still a great sleeper... thank goodness

has a tooth and a half

enjoys all of her baby friends

does well in the church nursery as long as we go to the 9am service

*taking this picture without the sign being eaten was one of the more challenging things i've ever, ever done


The Ralston Family said...

I LOVE how my 4 month old is the same weight as your 9 month old!!!

Liz said...


Mom-A said...

Superior in every way!!! What a doll-baby!