Thursday, March 3, 2011

6 Months

14 lbs. 12 oz. (25%)
I was so sure the doctor was going to make me start supplementing with formula, but she said that her weight is right on target! Yay!!!!
27.25 inches (92%) not one clue where she gets her height!
rolling like a crazy person
sucking her thumb when she sleeps
loving to jump in her "johnny jump up"
really loves to be outside walking in the Bob
can get a medium-sized bow to stay in her hair!
smiles a ton and babbles and babbles and babbles
we're thinking she might crawl before she even sits up on her own
started eating rice cereal... and doesn't much care for it


Tim and Laura said...

Dear Blythe-
I cannot believe you are already 6 months old! It seems like 5 minutes ago that your mom texted me to say that her water broke! BTW - you are really, really, really cute. Love, Aunt L-Merc :)

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

She is precious! I can't believe she is already 6 months! I LOVE her clothes, you are so stylish :) She very well might crawl before she sits up...Drew hadn't really mastered sitting up by himself until he started crawling. I guess it teaches them balance but it was almost simultaneous.

What a sweet girl! Enjoy this time when she isn't mobile, the job gets hard once they can get into everything and she'll learn fast!

Hug your hubby for me!

Mom-A said...

How I love her! She's growing and changing so fast....... no ordinary girl! No ordinary parents!