Monday, October 15, 2012


Hello again, to the three family members who still check the blog!  It's been a chaotic summer and beginning of fall for us.  In the last several months, we sold our home, moved into a friend's house and then into a neighbor's house as we wait to move into our new (actually older) home!  Our house sold really quickly, which we were thankful for, but we've got about an 8 weeks (now 4) before we can move into the new hood.  We've done lots of packing, moving, Goodwilling, etc.  We're exhausted and anxious to get re-nested.

At the end of August, Blythe turned 2!  We had a really casual BBQ in our backyard with family and friends to celebrate our official entrance into the tantrum years.  She and her buddies had a great time playing and eating. In case you haven't been around her lately, the girl is super super super chatty.  She's got the talking thing down pat. She asked me the other day if she could listen to "Pandora music on my iphone."  Ummmm, yes?

Our big 2 year old started school in September two days a week in the mornings, and she LOOOOOVES it.  She's had a total blast.  I was really surprised that she took to it so easily.  It makes it so fun to drop her off and pick her up.  She's in seventh heaven!

We haven't done too much traveling in the recent weeks because of our move. We've visited Dallas for a very special wedding, gone to a family event in Louisiana and have plans to go to the ATM vs. LSU game in College Station. It's been nice to have some time in town before the craziness of the holidays begins. Ryan and I are looking forward to being settled in our new house in time for Christmas.

Now I'll let the pictures do the talking (they are way out of order)...

the beginning of the chaos

Avery, Blythe, and Charlie...  now 2!
Charlie loves him some B
B's birthday party

First day of school
Bye bye, first house.
summer cook out
We're gonna miss this bathroom
Meeting Baby Reagan- one of the big highlights of B's summer
more outside popsicle time
Singing happy birthday
Playing with Ryan in the yard
School- her happy place
playing with baby gear while we pack
Packing time
One of many play dates at Zilker Park
2nd birthday trip to Amy's ice cream
 Gotta get her hair did before school started

Playing with family at the Daigle "Pile-in"



Tiffany Mendenhall said...

I love this update!! So many precious pictures of that darling little BEA. And Charlie...getting fresh on the sofa?? I can't even handle it! Too much cute with A, B, C & K. They're not even real. Love, love.

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

5 JBlythe is the cutest thing! I just love her sweet face! It was fun getting to see yall last weekend!

Liz said...

That Charlie... he loves to get frisky with B. So stinking cute... all of it.

Mariko said...

Love all of these pics. Missin' B and you guys tons!

Mom-A said...

I love this blog! And all the people in it!!!