Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Fun!

We have had a fun and busy summer so far over here in the Assunto house.  We've been doing a lot of swimming, playing and working out at the YMCA, going to the beach, playing with friends... There are few dull moments.  I'm going to try to be a better blogger for our family members who are out of town, but here are some pics to catch you up.

B at the zoo...  this girl LOVES monkeys- that isn't a surprise to most of you.

Livin' it up at the July 4th parade in Galveston

Mother's Day presents for Sassy and Lolli

Lots of time playing with one of our besties, Knox.

Blythe is a giant ball of personality these days.  Again, most of you know this...  She is a total ham, loves attention, and talks and sings up a storm.  She cracks us up!


Mariko said...

I love that she dresses cuter than I do. It's SO B! :) Miss you guys!!

Jennifer said...

Blythe is too cute! I saw your mom yesterday at Target but didn't have time to stop and chat.

Mom-A said...

Love, love love!!!!

Liz said...

I die over her zoo outfit! oh my gosh. And you KNOW I love the lolli/sassy pictures. Amazing!

rebecca r said...

sometimes, i wish that i could keep blythe. keep this in mind. :)