Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Our Halloween night was a little different this year. The Trick or Treaters stay out pretty late in our neighborhood, so we decided to have dinner in the driveway with Kyle, Stacie, and Knox so that the kids could go to bed inside as normal. We served as a block between the ringing doorbell and sleeping babies. It worked like a charm.

First, a little pre-costume dinner date

Knox, the lion and Blythe as a VERY last minute cowgirl (best for comfort and mobility)


Watch out! A lion on the loose!

I love pigtails!

Major props to the kiddos for actually eating through the wrappers and getting to the candy. You guys aren't dumb.

Hope y'all had a great Halloween!

More pics of ours on Stacie's blog.

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ang said...

The picture of Knox running through the yard in his lion costume really made me giggle :). Looks like they had fun!!! Dreya and Biscuit would've had fun with Bella the Bumblebee :).