Friday, September 30, 2011

Cousin Love

We are super fortunate that Blythe's cousin, Levi, is so close to her age. They are literally 15 days apart. They play so well together and, because of birthday parties for each of them, we've gotten to see Uncle Trey, Aunt Joy and Levi a lot lately.

Playing the morning of Blythe's party

Blythe showing Levi how to unpack all of the DVD's

Levi letting Blythe ride his Kawasaki

Blythe hit the gas

Reading a book with Lolli

Blythe looooves Aunt Joy. I see shopping trips in their future!

We love you, Levi!

1 comment:

Lolli said...

Oh boy.. these precious babies! Just when I think my heart can't hold any more, it DOES!!!! SMOOOOOOOOCH!!!!!