Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blythe's First Fiesta

We had oh so much fun this past weekend celebrating this little girl's first birthday. I think Ryan and I are both recovering a little bit from the shock that this year went by so quickly.

I had fun being in craft mode and putting together decorations for the par-tay.

What's a fiesta without jalapeno ranch?

What made Blythe's fiesta so special to us were the people that came to help us celebrate- family, old friends, and new friends... We had a blast!

Blythe vs. Cake

Blythe: 1 Cake: 0


kristin fulghum said...

so cute! you did such a great job. i love the fabric or paper that you used for the pennants. cannot believe that b is 1!!

Elicia said...

Too cute! Happy birthday little Blythe!

annalee said...

adorable celebration and girl!
congrats on one year of being a mom too!