Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 4th!

Ryan and I had a blast this weekend at my family's beach house in Galveston with both of our sets of parents, celebrating the 4th.

This was Blythe's second beach trip, and she had a ball.

Ryan, Lolli, and Blythe in the water

Playing in the sand under the shade

my brother enjoyed the irony of his dos equis with the american regalia

enjoying a popsicle

heading out for a wagon ride

costume time...

And the main event...

We were in it to win in!

Lady Liberty, getting ready to head to the parade

some last minute touch ups

It was like she was made for this

And the winner is.....



kristin fulghum said...

that's amazing. way to go b!

Jessica said...

I just think she's precious!! Love her!!

Liz said...

HAHAHAH! I hope she doesn't take that flashing trick to Mardi Gras in a few years. ;)

SO stinking cute. That yellow bathing suit is just the greatest ever.

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh! Of course she won! ha. My favorite part, "She was born for this." AMEN.

Mom-A said...

What a grand old time!!!!!