Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Foooooood- It's on my mind!

Ryan and I aren't exactly master chefs or anything, but we're typically big on cooking at home and having leftovers- especially during the week. However, this semester we are only at home together really one night during the week, so we've been eating out more than normal. We don't like it, but it's life right now.

The following are our favorite three pick-up places in town...

Número Uno

Their chicken feta salad is pretty wonderful.
Número Dos
The wreck on wheat- no onions, no hot peppers. I have their number in my phone.

Número Tres

Anything with Polynesian- I know it's not healthy but sometimes I have to have it.

Two others I love... but aren't weeknight favorites...

Their fresh sushi, made in-house. Jay, the sushi-roller, and I are pretty good buds.

Great take-home food, frozen foods, and their pizza. If you haven't had their pizza, you're missing out. And, it's $10 for a huuuuuuge box L-O-V-E it!

What are your favs??


Tiffany said...

I just want you to know that I love that this entire post is an ode to food.

Our "go-to" places are HEB for a rotisserie chicken, Rudy's, Sonic or a sandwich place. Sometimes you just need to take the easy way out!

ang said...

I'm a Polynesian fan myself...picked that up from Sherri in college. Do you remember her?

Trey & I will pretty much eat Taco Bell at the drop of a hat. He, of course eats the biggest things on the $1 menu and I love the Fresco offerings. I also love the chicken/guacamole wrap from Schlotzsky's.

Jamie Lapeyrolerie said...

Chick-fil-A..mmmmm. Tomorrow if you wear green free sandwich at the one by my house. Holler! I'm wondering how lame I would be if I went at lunch and then in time for shift change at dinner.

I need help :)

kristin fulghum said...

we heart chipotle. eat there all the time!!

Katrina said...

This is not a dinner spot but on the subject of food, it MUST make the comment section!

The Yogurt Experience in Round Rock (behind Mimi's Cafe, near Jamba Juice & Freebirds) is THE BEST frozen yogurt place in town. Seriously. And I've tried others....not as good. I go at least once a week.

Want to go? ;)

Mom-A said...

Just got caught up on your blog, Allison! So dear....... so YOU... that's why I love it! Hey.... how 'bout Chuy's?~?~? or Matt's?!?! Oh, right.... we have to wait a while for margaritas!