Monday, December 21, 2009

You know you're not a teacher anymore when...

1. You are able to work out after an 8 hour day.
2. You don't just buy ballet flats and sandals.
3. You make plans to hang out with people on week nights.
4. You don't get the Sunday night blues.
5. You don't have any funny stories.
6. You're not sure what to do with the extra energy and hours in your day.
7. You don't get flowers from your husband because you haven't had a really bad day in a long time.
8. You manage to gain weight, despite the extra working out.
9. You don't live for the weekend.
10. You can enjoy some tv without grading.

Don't get me wrong, I miss my kids from the last 6 years and my co-workers a whole lot, but it is amazing what it's like just to have a "normal" job. I'm so thankful for this season!


kristin fulghum said...


Christian Srp said...

This post made me feel appreciated! It's nice to know that my lack of energy at the end of the day/week/month/year is shared among the teaching world! I'm jealous of your "normal job" but I'm also enjoying 2 weeks of free vacation! Merry Christmas!!

Kate and Zach said...

This is too funny!! I can't wait until I can feel some of those feelings!

Heather said...

That post could not be more true! My husband says that I am a different person since I left teaching. I miss it but the day- to- day is definitely easier!

Martha said...

So glad you're enjoying your new job. You deserve it! :)

Sheri B. said...

21 more days and I will be back to those feelings again. I despise flat shoes.