Sunday, April 5, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

In the mornings I am never ever hungry when I wake up, or really even for the first few hours I'm up, but I know it's good for my metabolism to eat, so I do. The problem is, that after I eat, I'm always staaaaarving like an hour later. So, I've discovered a few breakfast meals that keep me full and are healthy.

#1 The Smoothie

Ingredients: bananas, oj, yogurt, frozen berries, whey protein

We buy the berries at Costco, they're cheap and have lots of antioxidents.

Mix in a blender in whatever proportions you like.

You can always freeze for later if you make too much.

#2 The Healthy Oatmeal

Just add water and heat

If we run out of smoothie ingredients, this is my go-to.

#3 The Healthy Waffles

Ingredients: whole wheat waffle mix, frozen berries (same from smoothie) If we're home for a Saturday morning, we make these with some eggs. Yum!

Props to my awesome husband who makes me a smoothie EVERY SINGLE MORNING before I go to work. I have a long, traffic-filled drive so it's perfect for the road.


kristin fulghum said...

delicious choices. we'll have to try that waffle mix.

Katie Norwood said...

The smoothie looks so good. I'm going to try it tomorrow. I'm always looking for quick, healthy things I can throw together at 5am. Who is hungry then???

Mom-A said...

Just catching up on your blog! You are really good at this Allison! Maybe even better than at 'eating huge quantities of popcorn'. I was particularly happy to see the photos of Lev & hubby! Y'all are awesome... and you feel like 'home to me!' I love you! - Mom-A

Everyday Flotsam and Jetsam said...

Hey, just stumbled across your blog! I am always so excited to find other youngish, newly-ish married, dog owning gals with blogs! You seem to fit the bill!

One comment about the smoothies...isn't it a huge pain to clean the blender?! Maybe it is just the one I have, but cleaning it is such a hassle that it destroys all smoothie making motivation. Do you have a secret??