Monday, January 19, 2009

Austin's Best Kept Secret

If I've talked to you in the past couple of weeks, you probably know what my new favorite pastime is.... Ryan and I discovered this park right by our neighborhood called Walnut Creek. I'm not sure how we didn't know this was just around the corner until now, but I'm glad we found it. They have an off leash park for dogs and about 10 miles of trails- used mostly by mountain bikers and some hikers. We love going hiking and taking Bella swimming in the creek. It's great excersise and a nice way to enjoy the outdoors...much better than being cooped up at the gym.
If you live in Austin, it's located, more or less, at the corner of Parmer and Lamar, and there are entrances on both streets. I'm not sure how many acres there are, but it's huge.
Here are some shots from our day yesterday...


malita said...

Two notes on walnut creek - i discovered this park about 7 years ago and fell in love with it - it has awesome trails for rough riding - and they are rough - tell Ryan, he would love that. Also it's a hot spot for night time "gay" raids. Seemingly upstanding citizens of Austin (many married) are busted in that park for a little midnight lovin - so stay clear late at night LOL!!

Mom-A said...

You two (er,uh, THREE!) make me smile so much! Thanks for that! Loved the new postings/photos!
Love you,

James and Lindsay Cotter said...

I've had some great mountain biking crashes there. I think I'll stick to just hiking it now. Still LOVE IT!

Katrina Dunn said...

We love that park too! We'd love to go out there with y'all sometime!